KKR Tweets Vulgar Comments about Sunny Leone; Says he’d allow ‘free sex’ if made India’s PM
KKR Tweets Vulgar Comments about Sunny Leone; Says he’d allow ‘free sex’ if made India’s PM. (Facebook)

Bigg Boss 3 famed small-time actor Kamaal Rashid Khan is known for his big mouth and needlessly passing obnoxiously vague statements in media and social-networking sites.

Well, KRK has indeed realized that media has been cutting him off because of his sickening vague comments about fellow actors in the industry and now the B-grade reality actor is using social media sites to vent out his inane opinions.

Though KRK has a mammoth list of "haters" for blabbering random giddy comments on anyone and everyone, his recent remarks on adult film star, Sunny Leone, is likely to garner much resentment from far and wide.

KRK, who considers himself rightful enough to make rude comments about the international adult film star, said that he'd give Sunny Leone "free" to every Indian if he becomes the Prime Minister of India.

"Beautiful Sunny Leone will be free for each and every indian during my govt," he posted on micro-blogging site Twitter.

"If I become the PM of india so very first thing I shall do- Free sex. Jisko jaha jisko kiss karna hai Kare (anyone can kiss anybody at any place)," KRK tweeted.

The 37-year-old so-called actor also said that he would appoint Shakti Kapoor as the "Sex Minister" during his governance.

Well, this is not the first time KRK has passed such vulgar comments about the Indo-Canadian porn star. Earlier in January, KRK bad-mouthed and poked fun at 31-year-old Sunny, who is yet to make her debut in Bollywood.

Presently, Sunny has been constantly in news for her role in Pooja Bhatt's "Jism 2," which is likely to hit cinema theaters on July 27.

"Now Pooja Bhatt is making 'Jism 2' with Sunny Leone but I have already seen her whole Jism in her porn films so why will I watch Jism2?," KRK had said in a recent interview with a national daily.

"Sunny Leone knows only one type of acting in every scene Aah, Eeh, Ooh," he added.

Earlier he had also tweeted that "I want to make Deshdrohi 2 in 6D because people will enjoy more of Sunny Leone acting ya ya ya oh ya come on beep beep beep (sic)."

Blatantly, he didn't even restrain from commenting filthy remarks on Sunny's website. The self-proclaimed actor apparently asked Leone to give him discount for visiting her porn website full of her videos and nude pictures.

"Can you please tell me when will you return my money?. your website charged me $40 when I watched your films only for 24 hours so you should charge me only $1 so pls return balance.(sic)," he wrote.

So far, the only link between the two actors is the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss; however, it is difficult to understand his grudge over the actress.

KRK made his television debut with Bigg Boss 3 and was among the so-called "celebs," who made a mockery of their own on the reality show.

When Sunny Leone participated in season 5 of the show, it indeed helped her establish herself as an actor and gain thick acceptance among the Indian audience.