Sania Mirza and Martina Hingis have been a dominant pair in the women's circuit as they won the US Open doubles titles at Arthur Ashe Stadium on Sunday. The top seeds defeated Casey Dellacqua and Yaroslava Shvedova in straight sets 6-3, 6-3, to clinch back-to-back grand slam titles, after their Wimbledon triumph in July.

Sania and Hingis had come into the finals full confidence as they had not dropped a single set in the competition and they maintained the same, where they overpowered Dellacqua and Shvedova, who looked helpless as the Indo-Swiss pair did not give any such chance to their opponents.

Sania and Hingis, after deciding to form a pair have been a huge success as they not only won the Wimbledon, but also clinched titled as soon as they joined hands.

"Well, so much obviously. We started playing in March, obviously in America, and we won three out of three. That rarely happens. I mean, anyway, but especially when you start playing with someone," said Sania Mirza.

"We hit it off, and, you know, obviously we have become more friends now. We were more acquaintances before, but now we have become friends. I think it helps in tough moments like today, like, you know, we're struggling to close out matches."

What makes Sania and Hingis a great pair is the fact that they compliment one another's game really well. They play to their strengths, which is always very essential in the doubles competition. The Indo-Swiss pair -- Hingis at the net with her amazing volleys and Sania from the baselines with her powerful shots -- seems to be a combination made in heaven.

"I think we trust each other on and off the court. I think that helps us through a lot of tough moments on the court. Obviously our games match, you know, kind of complement each other, so to say, you know, with her at the net and from me at the back," added Sania

"I think that's the best combination. We try to help each other out if the other one is struggling. If both of us are not struggling then we win tournaments."

Sania's performance in the final, as was in the competition throughout, was incredible as the Indian took full control of the match from the back. Hingis praised Sania for peaking everytime during the grand slams.

"I know with Sania definitely in the Grand Slams, the big events, she's like peaks unbelievable. I think that's an Indian thing or the champions have inside them that they know when to peak and when to play well and when it counts," said Hingis.

With it, Sania and Hingis have had an incredible grand slam year winning two out of the three grand slams of the season they played together. If the Indo-Swiss pair carry on the same momentum next season during the grand slam, they can go for the calendar slam.