Anonymous occupy
Anonymous protest with DDoS attacks on the official website of Indian governmentsReuters

Anonymous Operation India, the hacker group, and its supporters have planned to take their protest to the Indian streets across various cities on June 9, Saturday as part of their ongoing Hacktivist movement against the cyber laws of the country.

Hacktivists have planned for a peaceful protest around the country, mainly in major cities. A hackers group, who proclaim themselves as Anonymous, has been attacking many Indian websites and servers of the internet service providers as they blocked many torrent websites complying with the court's order.

The Indian handle of Anonymous has been demanding for the roll back of the laws that are prohibiting file sharing websites like PiratedBay in the country, while taking down the government of India websites and Indian Internet Service Providers (ISP) servers.

The Anonymous started its Operation India by hacking the official websites of the Supreme Court of India ( and the All India Congress (, when many ISPs started blocking ThePirateBay. They also continued their attack against the Trinamool Congress website, main opposition BJP's site, Reliance server and lately MTN servers, in the recent past.

Early this week, the group dashed off an open letter to the government on their official Posterous blog, accusing the regime of suppressing the right to express and said that the policy makers are in the process of making "great Indian firewall." [Read: The open letter from Anonymous to Indian government]

In the letter the group has also explained their demands and about the attacks they are carrying out on Indian government websites and servers of internet service providers. The letter read that the hackers are protesting with Disturbance Denial of Service or DDoS attack on the websites and said that no content or data was harmed in the process.

The organisers of the protests are keeping informed about the event by posting updates on the Facebook page.  

The rebel-hackers perceive internet censorship as an attack by the regime, saying "the government is trying to take over your (Indians) freedom of speech over the internet in the name of cyber security."