Ajaz Khan
Pictured: Ajaz KhanIANS

Actor and former "Bigg Boss" contestant Ajaz Khan has now opened up in his defence over allegation levelled against him by model Aishwarya Choubey. Aishwarya had alleged that Ajaz sent her some vulgar messages and obscene pictures. Now Ajaz says the model is a "liar" and is seeking publicity to enter next season of "Bigg Boss."

Ajaz told International Business Times, India, that Aishwarya took his phone with an excuse of making a call and had sent the messages herself to her mobile. He alleged that Aishwarya was desperate to enter reality show "Bigg Boss" and for that she has registered a fake case against him to come in the limelight. The actor has also pointed out certain aspects from the concerned chats, suggesting himself to be innocent.

Ajaz pointed out how a person, who has been chatting with her normally, suddenly asked her for sex without being "naughty" with her even once before or after the concerned message. "I used to have normal chats with her like a friend. The screenshots that she had shared doesn't have anything vulgar till the chatting continued at a stretch. There cannot be any sane person who will abruptly ask for sex while having a normal conversation. How come I suddenly sent her 'I want crazy wild sex' without telling her anything naughty before or after that? Her reply to the message also is so evidently planned. Once she had asked for my phone to make a call and that was the time when she did the trick," Ajaz told IBTimes India.

"She is a complete liar. She has been linking herself with Salman Khan saying that she is his girlfriend. And now she is trying to defame me and gain publicity at my stake," he added. 

Aishwarya had earlier shared screenshots of a chat between Ajaz and her in which Ajaz is allegedly seen asking for sexual favours from her in one message. The shared screenshots show that the chatting started at 5.12 p.m. and went on to stretch till 5.42 p.m. However, the message in which Ajaz allegedly asked for sexual favours was at 8.39 p.m., followed by Aishwarya's replies at 9.05 p.m.

"Moreover, even if I had sent her the message, normally a girl would have just blocked me. No girl would directly go to the police for just one message. And also she had alleged that I had sent her my obscene pictures. How come she would delete valid evidence like the pictures and keep just one message," Ajaz added. Aishwarya had earlier said that she had deleted the pictures as she stays with her family and did not want them to see those.

"If the message had hurt her so much why didn't she go to the police immediately? Why did she wait for two days? She is now not even helping police investigation. Police has been asking her to give her mobile for investigation but she has been making excuses not to give it," he said.

The controversial ex "Bigg Boss" contestant also said that Aishwarya had once asked him to give Rs. 10 lakh as she wanted to buy a car and also she used to request him repeatedly to arrange an entry for her in "Bigg Boss" or arrange a meeting with Salman Khan. Suggesting that his refusal to her requests might be the reason for allegedly framing him, Ajaz said that the model's real name is also not Aishwarya.

"Someone might have told her if you make a controversy dragging a controversy king, you will easily get into 'Bigg Boss.' Her actual name is not even Aishwarya. She has two IDs that show that her names are Bobby and Sonu," he said.

Ajaz has also shared screenshots of some Whatsapp chats between Aishwarya and a common friend with IBTimes India that apparently show the model using some abusive language. Ajaz said that the common friend was asking Aishwarya not to make false accusations against Ajaz, following which she started abusing her. IBTimes India tried to contact Aishwarya, however, the model's phone was switched off.