Canada has designated the Hizb-ul-Mujahideen, a terrorist group operating in Kashmir, as a terrorist entity among 13 others on the Criminal Code list. 

Hizb was listed alongside Atomwaffen Division, The Base, the "Russian Imperial Movement," five Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS) affiliates, three Al-Qaeda affiliates and the Proud Boys. 


As per the press release which stated, "The Government of Canada has placed 13 new groups on the Criminal Code list of terrorist entities, including four ideologically motivated violent extremist groups: Atomwaffen Division, the Base, the Proud Boys and Russian Imperial Movement."

Canadians expect their government to take all necessary steps to keep them safe, while safeguarding their values, their rights and freedoms and the open, inclusive character of our country. The Criminal Code listing regime is an important tool for countering terrorism in Canada and globally, and is part of that commitment.


Canada has listed:

  • Three Al Qaida affiliates: Jama'at Nusrat Al-Islam Wal-Muslimin, Front de Libération du Macina, and Ansar Dine
  • five Daesh affiliates: Islamic State West Africa Province, Islamic State in the Greater Sahara, Islamic State in Libya, Islamic State East Asia, and Islamic State - Bangladesh
  • Hizbul Mujahideen

What is Canada's Criminal Code list?

Based on their actions, each group meets the legal threshold for listing as set out in the Criminal Code, which requires reasonable grounds to believe that an entity has knowingly participated in or facilitated a terrorist activity, or has knowingly acted on behalf of, at the direction of, or in association with such an entity.

The Criminal Code mandates severe penalties for people and organizations that deal with property or finances of a listed entity. A listing can also support the denial or revocation of a Canadian organization's charitable status if it maintains connections to listed entities. Furthermore, persons seeking entry into Canada may be inadmissible if they are found to be associated with a listed entity. A listing also helps to facilitate the removal of an entity's online content.

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Marcus Cirillo, 5, waves a Canadian flag from a car window [ Representational image]REUTERS/Chris Wattie

The Government of Canada will continue to identify and target entities that meet the threshold for listing, regardless of their ideology, as a means to apply significant consequences on these groups and the individuals that support them.

The Canadian parliament voted unanimously last week to urge the terrorist designation of the Proud Boys, accusing it of "domestic terrorism" in relation to the January 6 unrest at the US Capitol.