Demand to ban Vigo Video rises
Demand to ban Vigo Video rises.Twitter

Soon after mobile app TikTok got banned in India, some complaints are being raised on the functioning of another similar app – Vigo Video.

Chinese mobile app TikTok got banned in India after the Madras High Court ordered the Centre to ban it on the ground of pornographic and other inappropriate videos being made available through the app.

Now, similar complaints are being made on another Chinese app Vigo Video. One Mumbai-based Dinesh Shrivastava reached out to International Business Times India, and shared some serious issues that he said were pointed out to the app authorities, but with no response.

He said that vulgar videos are being created and shared on Vigo Video. Dinesh further said that dance videos of girls are being edited and uploaded on some obscene accounts on the app.

Another issue that has been raised by him and some others is that most of the videos on Vigo Video that speak in favour of nationalism or Indian Army get deleted from the app.

The irked user of the app further said that he had sent multiple emails to the concerned authorities, raising the issues, but he did not get any response, and instead his account got deleted. He also said that an official complaint letter (copy with IB Times) was also sent to Vigo Video along with the government of India and Department of Economic Affairs. However, he has not received any response from any party yet.

Vigo Video is currently one of the most popular mobile apps in India. These apps are more popular among the youngsters. Only time will tell if Vigo Video also comes under the government's hit-list in coming days.