Sony Walkman Wireless Water-Proof Headphones (Credit-Sony Press Center)
Sony Walkman Wireless Water-Proof Headphones (Credit-Sony Press Center)

Sony Corp, popular for its innovative smartphones and tablets which are water and dust-proof, has now moved one step ahead beyond smartphone gadgets by shifting its focus on accessories.

Sony Walkman headphones, which were unveiled on 1 October, has now the same technology with the water-proof feature. One can have the pleasure of listening to music using the stylish black wireless headphones while swimming or elsewhere.

The headphones have 8GB of storage on board, which can store up to 2000 songs (with 128 kbps). Codenamed as W274S, the accessory comes with improved ear buds which have been specially made for swimming along with increased water resistance structure which will prevent water from entering the headphones. The device's waterproof resistance is up to 2 metres underwater, Sony said in a press release.

The device has two components placed with the two ear buds, connected by a single wire which goes around the user's head. The right component includes a play/pause button along with the next and previous song buttons. The volume controllers seem to be placed on the left component. The headphones are said to be compatible with the Xperia line of smartphones.

Sony will begin shipments of the device in Europe from October 2013.

In a related news, the rumoured Sony Xperia Z2 smartphone is expetced to be announced in April 2014. Some of the rumoured specifications which have surfaced along with the date include a 5.2-inch display with the IGZO and Triluminos display technology along with full HD (1080X1920) screen resolution.

The pixel density of the device is rumoured to be a massive 506ppi which none of the existing smartphones have. The highest pixel density is found in HTC One (468ppi).

The handset is expected to sport a 20.7-megapixel camera and a Xenon flash. The device would run on Android 4.4 Kitkat OS along with Snapdragon 800 chip supported by 3GB RAM, backed by a 3200mAh capacity battery.