A few weeks ago, there were reports about Samsung Galaxy S3 bursting into flames. Now, a footage captured by a security camera shows a self-combusting iPhone.

The video shows 17-year-old Henri Helminen, who was on his way to work, spotting smoke emanating from the iPhone in his pocket. Before any serious injuries occurs, the user throws the iPhone on the ground.

It has to be confirmed how the phone started burning on its own. In fact, lithium batteries can undergo leakage, breakage and can catch fire for various reasons as many precautionary instructions are delivered along with many products. However, it is very rare to find such incidents on other devices.

The incident happened in Finland, and nothing can be confirmed as such about it.

Two weeks ago, a Galaxy S3 user in Ireland posted images of his handset in a forum that showed burns along the bottom of the device that were reportedly caused by a white flame bursting out of it.

The forum user, whose online name is dillo2k10, stated that his smartphone was sitting in a "car mount when suddenly a white flame sparks and a bang came out of the phone." 

Watch the video: