• No Rape Campaign by Erik Ravelo
    No Rape Campaign by Erik RaveloErik Ravelo ART/Facebook
  • No Rape Campaign by Erik Ravelo
    No Rape Campaign by Erik RaveloErik Ravelo ART/Facebook

Violence against women is a serious issue not just in India, but all over the world.

After Erik Ravelo from Cuba uploaded some photos as part of a sexual violence awareness campaign, social media giant Facebook was quick to delete them saying it violates the company's guidelines.

Speaking to IBTimes India, Erik said: "I've been following violence against women issue since last year. And the fact is that some of my work gets blocked by Facebook. Last year with 'Los Intocables' and now with the 'No Rape' campaign."

Erik also mentioned that while Facebook displays hate messages, nude, sexy photos, rape news, they consider his work and activities as vulgar.

"We accept everything here, advertising for soap, parfumerie, cars, fashion, alcohol, Phones, TV ads, shoes ads, watches, weapons, microwaves ads. Dating websites ads, Casino online ads, remote control dildos ads!! Jihad recruitments!!!" he added.

"If I want to advertise values, then no!," says Erik, whose Facebook page was deleted for almost an year and a half.

"Los Intocables", which translates to "The Untouchables", which portrayed kids as the martyrs of the sins of adults became controversial last year.

"My Facebook was blocked for a year and half!!! Since October 2013 to November 2014 after I posted Los Intocables. Now I can post photos, but can't promote it. So it's impossible to make it visible," Erik added.

Similarly, a few days ago, Instagram had also deleted a photo of a girl who was on her periods, for which the the photo sharing website later apologised.

Rupi Kaur, based in Ontario, had uploaded her photo, but Instagram deleted it twice citing it doesn't follow the "community standards" of the website.

In our society, which considers menstruation and sexuality as taboos, very few like Erik and Rupi come forward to speak for the rights of women.

Erik, who calls himself an 'artivist' works as a Creative Director at FABRICA, a communication research centre.