The latest thing to hit the royal family is not Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's exist, but the novel coronavirus. The virus that has been the cause of a global pandemic is moving close to the royal family.

Just days after Prince Charles was tested positive with Covid-19, another close acquaintance of the family has been tested positive too. Surprisingly, it is Prince Charles's wife Duchess Camilla's ex husband Andrew Parker Bowles.

The Duchess of Cornwall's ex husband, Andrew, 80 is quite close to the family despite their complicated dynamics. In fact, Andrew was recently spotted at the Cheltenham Festival along with Princess Anne. He has also been seen with Princess Anne's daughter, ZaraTindall who is also his god daughter.

These sightings, although days before his diagnosis, have now sparked speculations on Princess Anne's safety. This also brings the threat of the virus a lot more closer to the royal family.

Andrew reportedly feels that he contracted the deadly virus at the Cheltenham Festival itself. Zara was also seen casually hugging, kissing, and shaking hands with others present at the event. Her husband Mike Tindall also attended the festivals and was spotted taking pictures with his fans.

Andrew gave a statement to the Daily Telegraph on his health. He said, "I've felt pretty bloody awful with it. It's better in the mornings and gets worse as the day goes on. I've had a bad cough and I've been very lethargic. I'm sleeping twice as long as normal.'


He also said, 'You can't blame Cheltenham. To be fair attendance was 10 per cent down but I do know quite a few people who picked it up there.'

A lot of people who attended the festival have later reported coronavirus symptoms on social media. If they were all to test positive, this could be a tough time for the UK and not just the royal family.