Phillip Hughes
Hillel Oscar’s death comes just two days after the death of Phil Hughes, which left the sports world reeling.Reuters

Umpire and former Israel cricket team captain Hillel Oscar died on Saturday, after being hit by a ball while he was officiating a local match in the port city of Ashdod, just two days after the death of Australian batsman Phil Hughes.

According to The Times of Israel, the incident happened during a league match in Ashdod, south of Tel Aviv, when a powerful shot rebounded off the stumps and struck Oscar, who went down immediately. Medics, who tried to resuscitate him at the field, stated that he suffered a heart attack.

Oscar, 60, was then taken to hospital in critical condition but the doctors were also unable to revive him.

"We're simply in shock," CNN IBN quoted Israel Cricket Association (ICA) chief Naor Gudker as saying. "He was an international umpire. He officiated in European championships, he officiated in games in Israel: his future was ahead of him. He was a player for the national Israeli team and he was captain of the national team."

"We know a ball was hit in his direction, he tried to escape it, he fell - what happened there is still being investigated. The entire Israel Cricket Association and players bow their heads in his memory. He was a wonderful man, cricketer, and umpire."

Israeli police, who are investigating the death, have reportedly ruled out any foul play in the incident.

Oscar's death comes just two days after the death of Hughes, which left the sports world reeling.

The 25-year-old collapsed on the pitch after being struck by a bouncer from Sean Abbott in a Sheffield Shield match between New South Wales and South Australia at the SCG on Tuesday. The player was given CPR at the ground, and was rushed to the St. Vincent's Hospital where he underwent surgery but remained critical in an induced coma. Hughes succumbed to the injury on Thursday.