Pooja Bhatt Bhushan Kumar
Pooja Bhatt and Bhushan Kumar

As Hollywood stars are celebrating the stripping of film producer Harvey Weinstein's Academy membership over alleged sexual exploitation of actresses, Bollywood actor Pooja Bhatt revealed that there are many Weinsteins within the Hindi film industry as well. She was apparently hinting at her stalled film Cabaret.

In a series of tweets, Pooja Bhatt reacted strongly to the issue that has plagued the Bollywood industry for many decades. "Many Weinsteins within Bollywood. But would the powers that supposedly govern us ever do what the academy did? Never. Associations LIE here," she wrote on Twitter.

Pooja went on to reveal the horrifying truth of the glamorous industry claiming that there is no unity among the producers associations in Bollywood and that they won't step in when rights are being violated on legalities.

"The producers associations have no unity & do not protect you when your titles get stolen from under your nose forcing you to go to court. The workers associations take money from daily wage workers to protect them but can't even get errant financiers to honour commitments. If the associations within the industry can't step in when rights are being violated on legalities how will they ever protect us morally?"

Talking about her issues of her film Cabaret starring Richa Chadha which never made it to the silver screen due to the over pending dues of her film's cast and crew owed by the financiers, Pooja Bhatt slammed T-Series head Bhushan Kumar and WAVES music company for exploiting the music of her film.

Richa Chadha in Cabaret
Richa Chadha in Cabaret

"Bhushan Kumar & WAVES have violated fundamental terms of my contract with them on CABARET. Copyright has been violated. Workers unpaid. Have sent them a notice, and have also complained to the association to ensure workers are paid. Nothing has happened so far. Nothing at
all," she wrote.

Richa Chadha Cabaret
Richa Chadha in Cabaret

"In the meanwhile, T series continues to exploit the music of CABARET by Kaustav Narayan Niyogi, a first time music director on all platforms. If this can happen to me, its CERTAINLY going to happen to a new film maker. People even afraid to report story as said people have 'contacts.
Haha but then Karma is a bitch... you steal from workers and people who have given you their heart? Life pays you back. Happy Diwali all! : )" she added.

Earlier, Pooja Bhatt had cleared the air about the delay in Cabaret's release on Twitter. "Not until my cast & crew receive the dues owed to them by the financiers," she wrote.