After Bennix and Jayaraj's custodial death stirred havoc across the country, another case of alleged custodial torture has surfaced in Tamil Nadu. An auto driver died in a hospital 15 days after he was admitted there following alleged physical torture in police custody.

N Kumaresan, the auto driver was called by the police regarding a land dispute case, the police allegedly beat him up in custody. 


Kumaresan vomited blood, kidney & spleen damaged

According to one of Kumaresan's kin, he did not speak much after the inquiry at the police custody following which he vomited blood and was rushed to the hospital in Surandai. He was moved to Thirunelveli government hospital, reported India Today. 

Kumaresan's kidney and spleen were damaged after which he spoke about the physical torture he went through in the police custody. Kumaresan, reportedly, said that he was threatened by the cops to stay quiet about what had happened and also threatened to harm his father. 

Case registered against two policemen

Jeyaraj and Fenix

Relatives held a protest demanding justice late last evening post Kumaresan's death. Sub-inspector Chandrasekar and constable Kumar have been booked under section 174 (3) of IPC in Kumaresan's case 

On June 19, two shopkeepers, 50-year-old P Jayaraj and his 31-year-old son Bennix were brought in to the Sathankulam police station for questioning in Tuticorin.

They were brought in on charges for violating lockdown rules by keeping their mobile shop running during the lockdown. However, they were 'beaten to death' at the police station, according to reports. While Jayaraj passed away on June 22, his son Fenix died on June 23.