In a rather novel initiative taken by the Goa Government, an online notification mechanism was launched in the state on Thursday after taking the employment exchange online. This will help inform employers as well as job aspirants every time a vacancy opens up in the public and private sector.

According to a Tweet posted by Jennifer Monserrate, Minister - Government of Goa for Revenue, Information Technology and Labour & Employment, the employment exchange portal on initiated in 2019 with Govt vacancies is now accepting private sector registrations, opening up an array of opportunities for Goan jobseekers. 

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'We urge those who have not yet registered, to take advantage of this platform'

Her tweet further added, "We urge those who have not yet registered, to take advantage of this platform."

This service will streamline employment opportunities and intimate candidates on vacancies. Jennifer stated at the launch that the initiative will help the state government gather data on Goa's employment trends.

The additional service added is that placement for candidates in both private as well as the Government departments and agencies will be possible now. With the online end-to-end service, automatic flow of data will eventually be developed benefiting private companies as well as government departments.

The Govt's online registration processTwitter

Earlier, the state's employment exchange was a physical register but now it is an online mechanism. The striking new feature is that both job aspirants and employers can register on the portal.

When job aspirants register, they will have to provide some details like skills, salary expectations, educational and professional background.

As of today, Goa has about 75,000 people registered on its employment exchange. Chief Minister Pramod Sawant stated, "Investors in all sectors, not just MSMEs, even hospitality sector will get a boost as they can choose directly. The first preference should be through this employment exchange for Goans."

The minister hopes that this will hugely benefit Goans to get jobs. Depending upon the criteria, notifications will be sent to candidates as and when vacancies that match their preference appears. The candidate can view the posted vacancy, apply or contact the employer directly.

Procedure to Register

  • For an individual - register yourself on and login.
  • For organisation to register their employees - register as an organization on and log in.
  • Fill in the application form.
  • Attach relevant documents.
  • Submit the application and note the acknowledgement no. for application tracking.