Turkish Airlines CEO Wants Pilots to Wed
Representational ImageReuters File

In light of the Germanwings tragedy, where the co-pilot deliberately crashed the plane into the French Alps, Turkish Airlines CEO has advised all new pilots -- men and women -- to get married, in a desperate attempt to avoid any 'reckless' behaviour in the future.

THY CEO Temel Kotil has recommended to all unmarried pilots, who were part of a group that completed its training, to get married at the earliest. Speaking to some 86 newly trained pilots, Kotil said on Thursday that pilots' lifestyle' was critical in preventing them from falling to destructive behaviour.

Referring to last month's Germanwings crash, Kotil said it 'taught' him some important lessons. "The accident is said to have occurred after the co-pilot who caused the crash broke up with his girlfriend. So, friends, please know that we advise single pilots to get married," Kotil said during the meeting.

"Therefore, I am guiding those who are single towards marriage from this podium," he added with a smile, reported Associated Press.

Andreas Lubitz, the Germanwings co-pilot who killed 150 people on board, was reportedly receiving psychiatric counselling till the day of the crash, following a break-up with his girlfriend, whom he was planning to marry next year. 

Meanwhile, the investigators recently found the second black box from the doomed Germanwings Airbus A320. It confirmed that Lubitz repeatedly accelerated the plane's descent into the French Alps.