Samsung brings Blue Coral to Galaxy S7 Edge
Samsung brings Blue Coral to Galaxy S7 EdgeSamsung Press Kit

As saddening as it is to see one of the best smartphones go up in flames (literally), it gets further depressing to witness a soothing new colour go to waste. Samsung launched its Galaxy Note 7 this year with a new Blue Coral shade, which along with other models is no longer available.

But that's not the end of the Blue Coral for Samsung. The South Korean tech giant launched the Galaxy S7 Edge painted in Blue Coral in Singapore and Taiwan. The sad news is that there is no international availability of the Blue Coral Galaxy S7 Edge, at least for now.

The new colour variant will be available in Singapore starting November 5. But buyers must opt for the basic 32GB model for the colour, which costs SGD 1098 (approx. $789). As for in Taiwan, the new colour option will be available for NTD 24,900 (approx. $787) November 1 onwards.

According to some rumours, there is a chance that the Blue Coral Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge might arrive in the US. But it will be exclusively available for Verizon Wireless customers. Folks in other countries shouldn't hold their breath for this one.

Blue Coral was one of the debut colours for the Galaxy Note 7, so it is understandable that it may receive mixed reactions. For those who really liked the colour now have an option to buy it in a safer handset.

Samsung has taken care of the minute details while borrowing the new colour option from the Galaxy Note 7 to the Galaxy S7 Edge. The coral blue shade can be seen on the back and the front panel. There is also a rose gold trim around the sides, just like the Galaxy Note 7.