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Actress Deepika Padukone and Shaheen Bhatt, from Bollywood, have suffered from depression and also, spoken about the phase they were in.
This thing has become a very much common phenomenon among actors. Now an actor from Tollywood has become the victim of depression.
 Actor Aadi, son of Saikumar, in an interview with IBTIMES, as part of promotions of Burrakatha, releasing on July 5, has said that he was suffering from depression and that he could overcome it with the help of his wife Aruna.

Going into the details about what lead him into depression he stated that it has been a long time since he has bagged a hit. His previous film Next Nuvve, which released last year, has tanked at the box office. Aadi had pinned up a lot of hopes on this film, but it failed in living up to his expectations, as well the audiences too.

"I thought Next Nuvve would fetch me the much-needed break which I have been waiting for. But unfortunately, it failed and it was a shock to me. I went into depression and decided to quit acting and give up on films. I arrested myself in the home and didn't feel like facing people. I felt that acting wasn't my cup of tea and whatever I have done till then was just because of my father. It was a phase where I had no hopes on my career. Thanks to my wife Aruna who stood by my side and made me realise that everything will be fine, soon. If it wasn't she, I would still be suffering from depression," said Aadi.

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Aadi added that he never used to understand where things were going wrong. At the beginning of his career, he was part of some really good films, which did well at the box office. But gradually his films stopped working and the number of flops increased.

"That's when things started worrying me. I wasn't sure what kind of scripts would suit me. Even after doing so many films, I had no idea what is good for me. But now, I started taking the help of my father. Now even he listens to my scripts and I respect his decisions," the 'Lovely' actor further added.

Talking about fatherhood, Aadi said that the birth of his daughter made him very responsible. Whenever he gets time, the 29-year-old actor makes sure that he drops his daughter at school and also pick her up. He says, "I am enjoying fatherhood. My daughter hasn't watched any of my films till now, but she wants to watch Burrakatha because I play dual roles in it. She wants to know who her father is between two of them (laughs)."

When asked about whether he compares himself and the success rate to the sons of other senior actors in the industry, Aadi said no. "I don't compare myself with anyone in the industry."