Sasikala's biopic
Ram Gopal Varma set to make Sasikala's biopic.PR Handout

Ram Gopal Varma, who projected the current Andhra Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu as the backstabber of his father-in-law late NTR in his latest film Lakshmi's NTR, has now moved on to his next film. The maverick filmmaker is ready to do a flick on Tamil Nadu's beloved former Chief Minister J Jayalalithaa, but about her close friend Sasikala, who is serving a four-year jail term in Bengaluru.

He announced the movie on Twitter with a poster, which grabs the viewers' attention with the words in its captions. It claims that the story of the flick is about a relationship set against merciless men, prisons and Mannargudi Gangs, the infamous name given to Sasikala's family by her rivals. "Love is dangerously political," the caption reads.

Sasikala was a close friend of J Jayalalithaa for over two decades and they together built the AIADMK after MGR's death although the latter remained the face of the party.

After the death of J Jayalalithaa, Sasikala tried to take the party into her control, but her numerous efforts went in vain. The court's verdict on disproportionate assets case, where she and her two associates were sentenced to four years imprisonment with Rs 100 crore fine by the special court, virtually turned out be the last nail in the coffin for her political career.

Amid her struggle to step into the shoes of Jaya, her rivals on the other side projected Sasikala as a backstabber of J Jayalalithaa and have been spreading a lot of theories on how she ruined the former Chief Minister's life.

Till date, J Jayalalithaa's death has remained a mystery as there was not much access to the media and public about her health when the former Chief Minister was in the hospital for more than 60 days before she died on December 5, 2016.

Many questions were raised by media and opposition parties which seem to have fascinated Ram Gopal Varma to make a film on Sasikala.

Looking at the words in the poster, caption and the font (red and black), it is clear that Sasikala might be showcased as the backstabber of Jaya in the upcoming movie.

Not to forget, in his latest movie Lakshmi's NTR, RGV showcased Chandrababu Naidu as the architect of the backstabbing who plots against his own father-in-law to take control of his political party.

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