• A Bad Girl Poster From A Rapist's Eyes
    A Bad Girl Poster From A Rapist's EyesTwitter
  • Bad girl poster
    Bad girl posterTwitter/Nirmalya Dutta

With the rising number of rapes and violence against women, a new poster has surfaced on social media,  describing the qualities of a bad girl as perceived by a rapist. 

According to the new poster, if a girl roams around at 9 pm, wears wrong clothes, goes to a pub or disco, goes out with boys, works at night, fights rapists, she is a bad girl from a rapist's eyes. 

Apart from these, talking in English and going to work are also considered as bad qualities of a girl.

Recently, a 'Bad Girl' poster, which describes the bad qualities of a girl had gone viral on social media.

The poster was reportedly created by four students of Sristhi School of Design in Bengaluru as part of vernacular culture class assignment. The creators had earlier mentioned that they made the viral poster drawing from their own life experiences.

The sarcastic poster had mentioned that a girl is bad if she can't make round rotis, or if she walks outside with her hair off. Having breasts was also considered as a bad quality of a girl.

A chart on an ideal boy had also gone viral on social media at that time, which said that 'staring at teacher's tits' and 'waking up with a boner' are good habits of an ideal boy.