Kamaal R Khan, Salman Khan
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After making nasty comments on Baahubali 2 and its director SS Rajamouli, Kamaal R Khan aka KRK is now after Salman Khan's upcoming movie Tubelight. The controversial man had relentlessly made negative tweets on Baahubali 2, but the movie turned out to be the biggest blockbuster of all-time.

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Now, KRK has pointed his focus on Kabir Khan's movie Tubelight. He has started making negative comments on the film, and has also predicted that it will be a flop. He first said that Tubelight, which will be released just before Eid, will be a disaster in its opening weekend.

"Tubelight will release on 22 June in overseas while Eid is on 25th so withing 4 days it will become disaster. Means circumstances r against it," he tweeted. As expected, this tweet received massive flak from Salman fans.

Salman Khan in TubelightTwitter

Soon, a series of tweets followed on KRK's negative tweet on Tubelight, as the star's fans started abusing and ridiculing him. However, that did not stop KRK from going forward with another anti-Salman tweet.

KRK then started a Twitter poll asking his followers why would they not watch Tubelight, and the options are – Sohail Khan, Salman Khan, Chinese actress and copy of Little Boy. This tweet again was followed by the same reaction from the superstar's fans, who slammed him left, right and centre.

Kamaal R Khan is known for making negative comments on films and stars. He tried his best to affect the box office collection of Baahubali 2 by calling it "crap" and what not, but even he soon realised that his tweets cannot put any impact on the box office run of Rajamouli's blockbuster.

Nevertheless, KRK is now targeting Salman's Tubelight, which also has a huge craze around it. Eid being a favourable time for Salman's films, it will be interesting if KRK's anti-Tubelight campaign can cause any harm to it or he again faces embarrassment.