Sanat Sawant

Sanat Sawant has taken the music world by storm with his energetic techno-electronic beat and it's no wonder his latest song, Astronomia went viral and became a hit in just a couple of months.

His youth - Sanat is only 18 - explains the energy in his music composition, but with this Indie music prodigy we're also talking about talent. An enormous talent, doubled by passion and lots of diverse influences that make his music so captivating. Word is Sanat Sawant is working on a new song, which will be even better than Astronomia.

Sanat Sanjiv Sawant, better known as "Sanat Sawant" was born in Mumbai, India, in 2002 in a Hindu Family. As a teenager, Sanat discovered the electronic music of the 90s and fell in love with it. The young artist experimented with various rhythms, letting the various influences blend in and adding a bit of his soul into the mix until he found the best way to express himself.

By 2019, not yet 17, the Indian wonder-kid was ready to take on the world.His big break came in 2021, when Sanat Sawant was ready to take it to the next level. His new composition, Astronomia, went online in early January and the music video already has over 100,000 views on YouTube. That's not all, as his music is also available to his many fans on Apple Music, Deezer or Spotify.

His fans have been asking on Instagram, where Sanat is building an impressive following, when they can expect a new song. Sanat has good news for them. He's been working on a new song and it will come out soon. How soon? As soon as Sanat is happy with it. For now he's still putting the finishing touches to it.

You cannot learn how to make music like Sanat Sawant, that's something you have to be born with, but this up-and-coming Indian artist has a thing or two to teach you about entrepreneurship. Sanat has a degree in commerce from the R.A Podar College of Commerce and Economics in Mumbai and he's determined to put it to good use. He's already an influencer on Instagram, but he has his eyes set on going into business as well, probably something music related. That's very smart thinking! Becoming an accomplished artist is not enough for this ambitious young musician, he wants to truly be a self-made man!

The countdown to his next release has already started!