Divyanka tripathi

A couple of days ago, we saw how Aditya Narayan losing his cool and get embroiled in a mess with  airport staff. The singer was seen threatening a staff member to strip his clothes off in a video that took the internet by storm. Now it's the turn of  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein actress Divyanka Tripathi. 

Divyanka was  travelling with her husband Vivek Dahiya from Kolkata to Mumbai where was supposed to resume her shoot schedule. But she couldn't reach the sets on time as the airline company left her luggage at Kolkata airport. When contacted the staff, they were least bothered, the actress said. 

Moreover, the airline staff did not inform her about the missing baggage. Nor did they apologised for it, Divyanka said. 

Appalled by their "unprofessional and casual behaviour" towards passengers, Divyanka lashed out at the airline company in a series of tweets that accusing it for not taking quick measures to address passengers' legitimate complaints.

She wrote, "@JetAirways heights of irresponsibility! You guys left our luggage at Kolkata airport. Didn't bother to inform or apologize. We got to know only after WE approached them after waiting for half hour like fools. No respect for passengers' time @JetAirways. @JetAirways 100people waiting on set.Stranded w/o makeup,have to resume work and yr staff looks casual! Expected prompt action. Respect lost."

Post Divyanka's rant, the airline company was quick to reply with an apology saying, "Hi Divyanka, We've shared this with our team and they will get in touch with you soon."

However, Divyanka was not in a good mood to buy their apology. She wrote, "I wish this was done irrespective of passenger's social status. Must respect time. We all have a life far more important post deboarding."

Unlike Aditya, Divyanka, however, used one of the smartest ways to deal with the airline staff.