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Adhyayan Suman's recent revelations and allegations on Kangana Ranaut during an interview did not go down well with singer Sona Mohapatra, who slammed the actor on Twitter. Adhyayan responded to her tweets in similar fashion as the duo engaged in a Twitter war.

Kangana's ex boyfriend Adhyayan had accused the "Queen" actress of practising black magic, abusing him physically and mentally, and much more. While the actor, who is the son of Shekhar Suman, received support and sympathy from a section of people, Sona lashed out at Adhyayan with a series of tweets mocking his revelations. Adhyayan's interview was in light of Kangana's ongoing controversy with Hrithik Roshan.

Sona first tweeted: "Boo Hooooo Mr SumanJr. Ask daddy to buy you something special again. Maybe brain surgery [sic]." Adhyayan replied: "@sonamohapatra ask ur father to get you a heart transplant done..make sure that the heart is compassionate and sensitive! [sic]."

Sona fired back: "My Daddy doesn't participate in my adult decisions. He's taught me to be self reliant. All the best to you too [sic]." The "Raaz 2" actor responded: "@sonamohapatra sure! And my father has taught me to speak the truth ! All the best to you too [sic]."

The singer continued targeting Adhyayan, tweeting: "The SumanJr interview tells us exactly what is wrong with the 'business' of Bollywood.Daddies a lack of ability;even 2tell a linear story [sic]." Sona then mocked Adhyayan for his comment during the interview when he had quoted a family priest telling him that Kangana used to mix her "impure blood" into his food to practise black magic on him.

"What is Suman Jr's favourite drink? A. An impure blood-Mary [sic]," she tweeted. "Funny part is that the 'truth', actually 'ballad of bratty complaints' reflects super bad on guess who? You. [sic]" she added.

Adhyayan again asked her to stop interfering in the issues, saying: "@sonamohapatra stop meddling in other people's lives!! It's between 2people . Where do you figure in from u job less crusader? [sic]." Sona responded: "Between two people, you say? That's really truthful, boy [sic]."

While Sona was trolled by Adhyayan supporters for speaking against the actor, she continued tweeting: "That these trolls are trolling me for the bigger cause of the larger masses of 'suppressed' 'victimised' men of India, is even funnier India? [sic]." Her next tweet was: "The sheer number of people who buy that gossip & are so quick to anoint a woman as a crazy-witch is telling of our mindsets, for sure [sic]."