Security agencies have issued an alert for at least nine "active" Islamic State (Isis) supporters based in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kerala and Jammu & Kashmir, reports said. The agencies were able to identify them based on the confession of Afsha Jabeen alias Nicky Joseph, an Isis online recruiter who was deported from UAE for terror connections.

The 38-year-old Afsha was deported for terror connections in September and is currently under the custody of Hyderabad Police. Based on her confessions, the agencies are actively tracking at least nine Indian Isis sympathisers, who could possibly be recruiting jihadists to fight for the Sunni terrorist group in Syria and Iraq.

She had told police about several Isis supporters, who closely interacted with her on Facebook and believe in the radical practises of the Sunni terror group.

While the names of the Isis sympathisers have been withheld, the police are actively on their lookout, it is reported.

According to a report in the Indian Express, a Kashmiri student from the conflicted region of Jammu and Kashmir and a Kerala man based in Dubai are two of the most adherent Isis supporters on radar.

The Kerala Isis supporter reportedly is an "active Popular Front of India member" and after suspecting that the police were close on his heels, deleted his online profile.

Based on the information revealed by Afsha during interrogation, the police have issued alerts against two youngsters from Mumbai, two students from Delhi, two students from Hyderabad and a Bengaluru-based man.

The mother of three also has told the police about two Kashmiri youths, including one whose father was killed in Gaza.