Following the vast increase in cybercrime, ransomware, and information leaks, including leaked data from Facebook, Instagram, Google, PayPal, and even Telegram, people worldwide begun worrying about their private information and about the possibly of abuse which can come in forms of voyeurism, fraud or theft of an entire identity. Following the worldwide pandemic of COVID-19 and the time people spend online, information theft and data leaks increased significantly.

This increase in cybercrime pushed cybersecurity initiatives like Privacy.Page, led by Dr. Lev Topor from Israel. Privacy.Page is an Israel based business that is aimed at helping raising awareness about private data and privacy. Due to the lack of action and lack of protection by law enforcement agencies that simply cannot remove leaked data from places like the Dark Web, internet users realize they have to take action and take various preventive measures against cybercrime and against leaks.

Police agencies and regular internet users cannot remove leaked information, especially not from places like the Dark Web. Thus, the service provided by Privacy.Page, at a very accessible price once must add, lets them know exactly what was leaked about them and even though they cannot entirely remove this information from the web they can take active preventive measures like changing a password if it was leaked, cancelling a credit card if its number was leaked or even reporting the authorities about IDs or Passports that were maliciously scanned and leaked.

Privacy.Page claims that they have access to over a trillion accounts from all over the world about both regular internet users, about companies and even about organizations. They can trace passwords, social media accounts, SSNs, IDs, passwords and emails, phone numbers, personal information that was leaked using the method of doxing, industrial leaks, and even secure accounts like Telegram accounts.

As the online domain expands and people begin placing their whole lives online, it is important to keep this cyber domain as private and secure as possible. By granting access to these leaks, Privacy.Page aims to make leaks pointless and obsolete. Now, internet users from all over the world can simply search if their private information was leaked and change or cancel it if they found it somehow leaked.