Taliban Attack in Kabul
Afghan policemen take position at the site of an attack in KabulReuters

Gunmen stormed a private television station in Afghanistan's capital Kabul on Tuesday. A security official said that at least two men broke into the building after an explosion.

One of the attackers was killed by the security guards, while another fought off the security forces with hand grenades, the official was quoted as saying by Reuters.

More than 100 employees are suspected to be inside the building. Reports state that a Pashto language broadcaster Shamshad TV ceased normal programming as the attack occurred on their building and began transmitting only images.

Here are the live updates of the incident as it unfolds:

15:00 IST: Situation under control, Shamshad TV resumes its broadcasts.

14:20 IST: Head of Shamshad TV said such attacks will not stop the Afghan media from covering news and delivering stories to the people. 

14:10 IST: Dawn news reports state that the sound of gunbattle has ceased but the area is still blocked by security forces.

13:50 IST: Shamshad TV director Abed Ehasas reportedly wounded in the incident. He said attackers shot at anyone in sight.

13:45 IST: Crisis Response Unit searching neighboring houses.

13:40 IST: MPs condemn the Shamshad TV attack and blast government for not protecting the media.

13:30 IST: TOLO news journalist at scene of Shamshad TV attack says sporadic shooting is ongoing. At least policemen are wounded and three explosions heard.

13:20 IST: Security services have cordoned the area as the gunbattle between police force and militants ensues.

There are no reports of any immediate casualties yet, however some eyewitnesses have said that many from the staff have been killed.

While Ministry of Information spokesperson has said that the security forces are trying to clear the TV compound of attackers, and that 2 or 3 attackers involved in the incident.

Olympic Committee spokesman said they rescued over 20 Shamshad staff by getting them out the back of compound, according to TOLO News.

The news agency cited confirmed sources as saying that at least one female employee has been killed in the incident while she was attempting to escape the premises.

Identities of the attackers have also not been established.

Taliban, however, issued an immediate denial of their involvement in the incident.

This is the latest attack in a series of assaults on journalists and media workers in afghanistan. At least seven members of Afghanistan's largest private television station, Tolo, were killed by a Taliban suicide bomber last year.

More details are awaited.