Afghanistan forces have reportedly retaken the city of Kunduz from the Taliban, days after it was captured by the militants this week. 

The Taliban had captured the city in north of Afghanistan in their first major victory since they were toppled in 2001. 

However, Afghanistan's interior ministry confirmed to local media on Thursday that the Afghan Special Operations Forces had captured Kunduz from Taliban control after heavy fighting. 

The forces were aided by US airstrikes, which reportedly took down the Taliban shadow governor in Kunduz on Tuesday. 

Kunduz was cleared of Taliban militants early on Thursday by 4 am local time, Tolo News reported citing the local police chief. 

Hundreds of terrorists were killed in the operation. 

However, Taliban has reportedly managed to inflict heavy damage in the city, looting houses and businesses and even executing several civilians in just the two days that they held control of Kunduz.