An Afghanistan National Army helicopter crashed on Thursday in the Zabul province, where the Taliban have launched several attacks in recent months. At least 17 people have reportedly been killed. 

The Taliban claimed responsibility for the chopper crash, but the governor of Zabul dismissed the claim, according to TOLO News . 

As many as 17 people, including 12 Afghan soldiers, were killed in the crash.

Police officials said the army helicopter crashed due to technical problems. 

"Five crew and 12 soldiers were killed when the helicopter crashed in Shinkay district of Zabul province due to technical issues," a police official told AFP.

Taliban had recently launched attacks in Zabul, targeting a government complex with a truck bomb in May and attacking police posts in July. 

In fact, the recent reports about Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Omar's death stated that he had been buried in Zabul, which is in southern Afghanistan. 

The chopper crashed on the same day as a Taliban suicide truck bomber blew up tonnes of explosives near a provincial council office in Afghanistan's Logar province, killing at least eight people.