The Affair
Showtime series will feature a new love interest for Noah Solloway in season 3 premiere episode.Facebook/The Affair

The Affair will be back with another season this Sunday and it will feature a new love interest for Noah Solloway. Season 3 episode 1 will be aired on Showtime at 10pm EST on November 20.

Here is the official synopsis for the new episode: Haunted by recent hardship, Noah struggles to navigate the challenges of his old life while attempting to adapt to a new one. A new love interest isn't enough to overcome a sense of dread. Someone is watching him.

Click here to watch The Affair season 3 episode 1 live online. The premiere episode will also be available online here.

The series, starring Dominic West and Ruth Wilson in lead roles, has failed to impress the critics with its third season. Check out the reviews below to find out what the critics have to say about the new season of popular drama series:

IndieWire: The Affair continues to keep us intrigued, which is always an accomplishment worth noting; we'll definitely be watching as Season 3 proceeds. The premiere pushes us toward a new mystery that keeps the stakes of the show in the life-or-death realm. On an acting level, the cast remains consistently mind-blowing, though only West gets any real showy moments in the first three episodes.

Collider: The Affair Season 3 does at least feel like a new chapter, kicking off with yet another time jump and a new set of challenges for its leads. Its emotionally twists are still devastatingly rendered, and its dour atmosphere settles over all of its characters with pessimistic certainty that things won't really get better.

Watch the trailer for The Affair season 3 episode 1 (premiere) live online: