Avid watchers of Showtime's murder drama, "The Affair", have a few things to be happy about. The show is returning with season 2 in two weeks, and fans cannot wait to watch secrets spill. Admittedly, there's a lot to learn about Noah (Dominic West), Allison (Ruth Wilson), Cole (Joshua Jackson) and Helen, and in season 2, we are introduced to two new perspectives, that of Helen and Cole's.

To be sure, season 2 will flit between the past and the present just like season 1. And audiences will be provided with glimpses of the Solloway household dynamic through Helen. The estranged wife of the school teacher copes with life as a single parent and struggles to fit into her roles as a mother, employee and daughter. Obviously, these trifles will colour her perspective of Noah and we can expect to see him cast in bad light.

In a behind-the-scenes video, Maura Tierney, who plays the role of Helen, says that her life unravels after Noah leaves her. As an ex-spouse who is dealing with divorce and infidelity, Helen could spell danger for Noah. She said, "From Noah's point of view, I'm much colder, much more condescending and much more threatening."

Furthermore, Helen is determined not to let Noah get half of their assets. In the clip, she tells her mom that it's a big problem if Noah get's what he wants.

Season 2's plot will most definitely explore the consequences of Noah and Allison's decision to leave their spouses. The conflict will arise when the two new lovers face the wrath of their jilted spouses left to pick up the pieces of their marriage.

In the trailer for season 2, Cole embarks on a mission to take his revenge on Noah. Whether this means harming him or jeopardising his relationship with Allison, we don't know. 

Nevertheless, we can't wait to see what Cole and Helen have to contribute to a show that excels in storytelling.

"The Affair" season 2 premiers on 4 October at 10pm on Showtime.

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