The passionate, whirlwind affair between Noah (Dominic West) and his girlfriend Alison (Ruth Wilson) has almost plateaued. If Noah is enjoying the success of his book "Descent," his pregnant girlfriend is at home, living in anxiety.

Last week's episode gave insights into the troubles in Alison and Noah's relationship. If Alison is lonely and aloof with Noah, he is blind to her feelings. Furthermore, the Montauk native was evidently uncomfortable with her boyfriend's extremely attractive publicist, Eden (Brooke Lyons), who joined them for Thanksgiving dinner. Perhaps Alison's outburst during dinner was an expression of her frustration in an insipid relationship?

In the previous episodes, Alison sought Cole's companionship when she felt lonely and we predict that Noah will do the same henceforth. 

According to the synopsis for episode 8, Noah will consider forging relations with others, rather than his girlfriend, Alison. However, in an interesting twist, this close friendship comes from his ex-wife, Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney). She joins her husband for a book reading, and watches over him hawk-eyed when a young female fan gives him her number.

In the promo for episode 8, Helen asks for the number, perhaps knowing her husband all too well. She even stands by him and tries to dissuade him from attacking a journalist who does not give "Descent" a favourable review.

Is this the voice of wisdom that's lacking in Noah's life now? Let us know.

"The Affair" season 2, episode 8 airs on Sunday, 22 November at 10pm on Showtime.

Watch the promo below.