One of the most anticipated series of this fall, "The Affair" makes its comeback on television screens, and brings with it drama, suspense and a lot of uncertainties. Essentially, the same ingredients that drove the plot of season 1.

The newest season of "The Affair" takes off from where it ended. Noah (Dominic West) is arrested for the murder of Scott. In season 2, he manages to get bail. Furthermore, he leaves his family and moves in with his girlfriend, Alison Bailey (Ruth Wilson) in NY.

Although Noah and Alison explore their relationship, their honeymoon period ends pretty much as soon as it begins. In the promo clips for season 2, Alison and Noah seem to disagree about everything and their relationship is clouded with lies, betrayal and egotism that threaten to drive them apart.

Actress Ruth Wilson teased her character's fate in season 2 and said that Alison will confront a different, changed Noah when they move in together. The actress also hinted that Alison sees herself as a victim and is always in need of a man to save her. First, it was Cole (Joshua Jackson) and then Noah, the writer from New York.

In the promo, Cole visits Alison in New York and he reassures her whilst she is confused and lost in her new relationship. It remains to be seen if she will indeed betray Noah and give Cole and her marriage another shot.

Wilson said: "If relationships start from a place of secrecy, lies and dishonesty, can it ever be pure or genuine? It's a wake of destruction left by two people, as much as I know."

"The Affair" season 2 premieres on Sunday, 4 October, 2015 at 9pm on Showtime.