The season 2 finale of "The Affair" is upon us and if the previous season's finale is an indicator of the tone the show will adopt, then rest assured, we will not know who killed Scotty Lockhart. However, season 2 episode 12 will answer some critical questions about the numerous relationships on the show, including Noah and Alison's tumultuous engagement, Noah's relationship with Helen, and the future of Scotty and Alison's business partnership.

In the sneak peek for season 2 finale, it appears that much of the action takes place in Montauk. Even the Solloways, Helen and Noah (Dominic West), seem to be present there. A tired, haggard Noah tells his ex-wife Helen, "Can I tell you something awful? I never even wanted Joanie, till I got to know her. I was furious with Alison when she told me she was pregnant. I thought she'd done it deliberately to trap me; to stop me from going back to you." At this point, a shocked Helen (Maura Tierney) asks, "Were you even thinking about going back to me?"

To be sure, Noah's emotional rant could perhaps be a result of the loneliness he feels. The "Decent" author lives by himself in New York, while his fiancee Alison shuttles between Montauk and New York.

In the promo, Alison (Ruth Wilson) looks happy at the docks and brims with happiness as she welcomes Noah to her native town. On his part, Noah is pleased to see his fiancee but is reserved, as if he is almost feigning his happiness.

Furthermore, the season 2 finale will feature two main events: Scotty Lockhart's murder trial and Cole Lockhart's (Joshua Jackson) wedding with Luisa. The sneak peek video for the upcoming episode hints at shocking revelations in both of these events. If Alison is stunned at the courtroom, then Scotty is a mess at the wedding.

Season 2 episode 12's synopsis reads: 

Season 2 ends as events set in motion long ago come to their conclusion. A startling admission causes Noah to withdraw from his new life. Meanwhile, Alison is honest with Noah and herself; a dispute between Cole and Scotty is followed by tragedy; and a turn in Noah's trial results in a shocking event.

"The Affair" season 2 episode 12 will be aired on Sunday, 20 December, at 10 pm on Showtime.