So far, season 2 of "The Affair" has revealed that Noah and Alison are not very different. The writer and his fiancée are quick to hide uncomfortable truths, they lie to maintain a semblance of happiness in their life, and the both of them run away from problems before resolving them completely.

When Noah's relationship with Alison (Ruth Wilson) began to crumble in the middle of season 2, he found comfort in other women, and so did she. However, it appears that the New York based writer wants the truth to emerge in his relationship.

In the promo for season 2 episode 11, Noah confides in his best friend Max and says that he cannot trust Alison. Reason? Noah learns that she's been lying to him about attending medical school. He says that she's quit the course six weeks earlier.

The next two promo videos capture Noah's journey to Montauk. He talks to Alison's former employer, Oscar Hodges (Darren Goldstein), who says, "It wasn't Gabriel's death that broke her heart. She's never had one."

Noah's friend Max has a nonchalant response when Noah expresses his anguish and the deep seated mistrust in his relationship. Max says, "It started out as an affair. What do you expect? You could always go back to Helen."

People's opinion of Alison seems to matter to Noah and it won't be long before he confronts her about some unspoken problems between them. The synopsis for season 2 episode 10 hints that Alison makes a "momentous decision."

Would she tell Noah that he isn't Joanie's biological father?

"The Affair" season 2 episode 11 airs on Sunday, 13 December at 10pm on Showtime. 

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