Advance Surveillance Measures at Sensitive Railway Stations

To boost the security measures, the Indian Railways will implement an advance "Integrated Security System" at 202 important and sensitive 202 stations of the country in first phase.

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A Railway Protection Force (RPF) officer uses a sniffer dog to check bags at the Chhatrapati Shivaji railway station in Mumbai July 15, 2011.Reuters

To boost security measures, the Indian Railways will implement an advance "Integrated Security System" at 202 important and sensitive stations of the country in the first phase.

According to the Ministry of Indian Railways, out of these 202 stations, the system is scheduled to become functional at 76 stations by 31st March 2012 and in 2012-2013 at remaining stations.

This system will provide for multiple screening/checking of passengers right from the point of entry.

The Integrated Security System, comprising latest machines and software, will supplement conventional methods of security.

As a part of the system, dedicated control rooms at strategic locations for round-the-clock monitoring through the Close Circuit TV (CCTV) based surveillance system will be installed.

The internet protocol-based CCTV system will be installed in the stations and will cover the entire station premises including open space, waiting halls, platforms, over-bridges, etc.

Another aspect of the CCTV system is that it will have important video analytics which will give automatic signals in case of suspected baggage, excessive crowd, intrusion by unauthorized persons, etc.

For personal screening, hand-held metal detectors and door frame metal detectors will be used and in case of any suspicion, passengers will be frisked.

However, baggage screening will be done by large X-Ray machines. Bomb Detection and Disposal System will be available with latest equipment at important stations.

To discourage unauthorized entry or exit, boundary walls along with barbed-wall fencing will be constructed throughout the station area.

Automatic vehicle scanners will be provided at entry gates of the station premises. A scanner will be integrated into the Control Room meant for surveillance.

Apart from it, trained Railway Protection Force (RPF) personnel will be assembled to ensure proper functioning of the 'Integrated Security System.'

To ensure smooth functioning of the machines and the software, annual maintenance will be done.