Three year old Manchester United fan upset over having to wear blue uniform
Three year old Manchester United fan upset over having to wear blue uniformScreenshot/Youtube

When three-year-old Lilly Rae Doyle realised that she had to wear a blue cardigan as part of her new school uniform, she was not remotely impressed. The staunch Manchester United fan threw a huge tantrum over having to wear the same colour as Manchester City, archrivals of the Old Trafford club she supports.

Her mother, who thought she would have trouble getting Lilly into the blue cardigan that she so vehemently opposed to wearing, shot a Youtube video of her protests, which is now sweeping the internet.

The viral video of the adorable Manchester United fan bawling was shared so much, that Manchester Evening News wrote about her determined stance against the blue uniform.

The news caught the attention of ManU, who decided to help ease her pain at having to don the blue colour, even if it was a different shade than that of Manchester City. The Old Trafford club reminded their fan that their own third kit for this season is blue and that they would send it to her if it would make her feel better and even invited her to one of their games.

Manchester City in recent times are seen as a powerful force to be reckoned with, even winning more trophies than Man U, including the most recent Premier league title. So for Lilly, as a Manchester United fan, being asked to wear blue would be the worst thing possible.

In the YouTube video, she is seen wailing hysterically, "I don't like blue!" trying to tear off the offending blue cardigan, as her mother asks her to be a "brave girl" and pacify her saying that "Blue isn't just for City. United have blue too." Lilly wouldn't be convinced though.

Other fans of Manchester United showed their solidarity with Lilly too, like Gervas Ola who posted, "Good Lilly....Glory Glory Manchester United.." and Ivan Beran, who claimed, "Glory man united! This is absolutely adorable BTW lol true fan bleeds man u red!"

Jianpeng Gao said," She's soooooo adorable! It doesn't matter which team she does support, the point is that she's sooooooooo adorable ~.~".

The three-year-old's loyalty even impressed rival Man City fan Yubraj Bhusal who commented, "I am city fan . .and I am not even mad. . this is adorable".