Bollywood ace singer Adnan Sami, who remained in limelight for both controversial and unconventional ideas, hit headlines this time after refuting surgery rumours to reduce his weight by 100 kilos. 

While his euphonious voice soothes the soul of listeners, his tremendous weight-loss journey is massively inspirational for a few years. Recently, he shared a picture of himself on his social media handle revealing total ban on sweets from his life for a better and fitter lifestyle.

No sooner than he posted the picture of himself, it set the internet on fire. Reason? In the post, Adnan Sami who once weighed over 100 kgs, looked more than half of what he used to be once physically.

Adnan Sami
Adnan SamiIBT Media

Fans couldn't fathom the fact of his massive weight loss and touted Sami to have undergone an operation to remove all the excess flab. After letting people play the guessing game, Sami has finally reacted to rumours insisting that he had never gone under the knife. 

Exercise and Dieting

"I've worked hard to maintain it (weight loss) and you know I did it completely through exercise and dieting," said Adnan Sami. "There's a misconception that people think that I underwent some surgery or took some kind of medical treatment which is absolutely false," he said staunchly refuting all rumours.

The singer added, "I've had a tremendous amount of struggle with my weight from many years. I was 230 kilos once upon a time. And I lost 130 kilos, it was not an easy journey. But the point was that it was something that I really needed to do," he said.

Adnan Sami blessed with baby girl
Adnan Sami with wife Roya SamiVarinder Chawla

The singer further added, "I controlled entire intake and I did plenty of exercises and I play a lot of squash and that's how I've maintained it. And I do it primarily because it's very important to be healthy."

The 50-year-old singer who had ventured into the Indian Music industry in the early 2000s had created ripples amongst the masses with his blockbuster songs.

Alongside his talent, it was his heavyweight that made him stay in news for a long time. Adnan who initially chose to live life with his excessive weight, made people lose hope of seeing him fit ever.

Pakistani Singer Adnan Sami and family  (photo Varinder Chawla)
Adnan Sami (middle) and family (File Photo Varinder Chawla)

But to their shock, Sami in the year 2018 blew away the minds off many with his massive weight loss. The actor had lost over 130 kgs of his weight and looked his fittest best.

Ever since he has maintained his weight and strictly avoided gaining back any of the flab shed with his utmost dedication.

On the work front, Adnan Sami will soon be seen in his new music video 'Alvida' after a professional sabbatical of two years.