Debutante director John Varghese's Malayalam movie "Adi Kapyare Kootamani", starring Dhyan Sreenivasan, Aju Varghese, Neeraj Madhav and Namitha Pramod in the lead roles, has opened to good reviews from the audience after it was released on Christmas day.

"Adi Kapyare Kootamani" has been tagged as a fun entertainer filled with many one liner comedies in the backdrop of a men's hostel. Even though the movie is said to be predictable, critics have called it a passable entertainer. It has also been compared with comedy entertainers by Priyadarshan filled with complete chaos and confusion.

Adi Kapyare Kootamani 2: Dhyan Sreenivasan-Aju Varghese-starrer to get a sequel soon 

Produced under the banner of Friday Film House by Sandra Thomas and Vijay Babu in association with Carnival Motion Pictures, "Adi Kapyare Kottamani" also has Bijukuttan, Vineeth Mohan, Kottayam Pradeep in pivotal roles. While Shan Rahman has composed the music, cinematography is handled by Ajay David Kachappilly.


While Dhyan, Aju and Neeraj are seen as inmates of the hostel, Mukesh portrays the role of the hostel warden. Bhanuprasad (Dhyan) meets a girl named Athishtalekshmi (Namitha) at the college canteen and she offers him some cash as he is running short of money. However, in return, she asks Bhanuprasad to help her get inside the men's hostel that night. Why she enters the men's hostel and what happens later forms the crux of "Adi Kapyare Kootamani".

Even though Dhyan's performance is said to be slightly over the top, the performances of Neeraj as Ramo and Aju as Bruno with their one liners have been appreciated by the critics. 

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Lensman review

When you look at the whole plot, Adi Kapyare Kootamani doesn't have much of an exciting premise or a compelling story structure to its credit. But with actors like Aju Varghese and Neeraj Madhav performing really well in those humor portions, this movie directed by debutante John Varghese is a passable entertainer. 

On screen Dhyan Sreenivasan overacts occasionally to make the humor a bit awkward. The dumb character given to him was slightly overdone. You feel that because you have Aju and Neeraj who are in the same frame giving a better performance. Remo – Bruno combination works well for the sake of the film's comedy. Namitha Pramod was okay as the female lead. Vineeth Mohan was good as Koshy. Good performances from Mukesh and Biju Kuttan.

Overall, Adi Kapyare Kootamani is a non boring cinema that mostly focuses on the situational dialogue humor. A better conclusion for the whole idea would have made it a better entertainer. For a runtime of 132 minutes, it is harmless humor.


Director John Varghese has narrated the story in the most impeccable manner. Both the halves have been paced well, and it will not make the audiences bored even for a second. The film is completely filled with one liners which will make the audiences laugh from the inner core. Comic sequences in college is simply realistic, and it will surely take you to a nostalgic ride. At the end of the movie, director has succeeded in adding a strong twist which will impress all kinds of audiences. "Adi Kapyare Kootamani" is a fun ride which is one of the best medicines to combat your stress. You can book the tickets without any hesitation, and you will not get disappointed in any manner.


Shaan Rahman's music was the plus point of the movie. The screenplay was a decent one, but was nothing new for the new generation. Director failed to show the campus life of the characters and as a new comer he is average in his direction. DOP by Ajay David Kachappilly was superb and visuals are also good. Overall editing was also good. Adi Kapyare Koottamani movie is a fun packed Xmas flick for family and youth audience with above average marks.