In what may come as a shock to fans, British singer-songwriter Adele is planning a five-year hiatus from music after her world tour ends in November, according to reports. The singer wants to stay away from the limelight as she wants to spend time with her three-year-old son Angelo and boyfriend Simon Koneki.

Incidentally, Adele returned to making music in 2015 after a three-year break, which she also took to take care of her son. Since then, she has released her third album, "25," which broke many records and topped charts across the world. The album was a critical success as well, and won her numerous accolades such as the British Album of The Year, British Music Video of the Year and British Single of the Year at the Brit Awards and British Artist of the Year at the BBC Music Awards.

"Hello," the lead single from the album, hit over 100 million views on YouTube and Vevo, a number that is increasing by the day.

Adele, who is currently touring the UK, is known to take long breaks before coming out with an album. Her sophomore album "21" came out three years after her debut album "19." But when she finally releases an album, it almost immediately becomes both a chart-topper and a critical success; at least that is what her track record shows. So, if this fact is taken into consideration, we can expect another chartbuster from her in five years. But will Adele be able to do it four times in a row? Who knows...