PUBG mobile.[Representational Image]

In what seems to be a rather strange request, a 19-year-old mother from Gujarat has called up the women's helpline number seeking help to get a divorce from her husband to live her life with her online gaming partner.

The woman who is a fervent player of the online game, Players Unknown Battleground commonly widely known as PUBG, called the woman's helpline – 'Abhayam 181' seeking help over a divorce.

The helpline team of Abhayam assigned a counselling team for the woman, who visited her house and enquired about the issue with her family. They found out that the woman was spending a lot of time playing the game and that had caused a little tiff with her family.

According to Narendrasinh Gohil, project head of Abhayam 181, the helpline receives an average of 550 calls a day. And out of this, nearly 90 of these calls had to be attended and addressed by the counselling team, who would visit the caller seeking assistance. But this is the first time someone has called the helpline seeking help for divorce over PUBG. He said that it's usually the parents that call them complaining about their children's addiction to the game, reports Indian Express.

The counselling team who visited the woman asked her to reconsider her decision over the matter. She was also offered to stay at a rehabilitation centre, which she refused as she won't be able to use the mobile phone there.

However, the team did not force her to do anything against her will, rather just counselled her over her confusion. The woman said that she needs time to think over the matter and will call the helpline if she needs any further help.