Soniya Singh
Soniya Singh

Soniya Singh was spotted at Tania Yorks 10th year anniversary party which took place at a prestigious mansion in Malibu. The Bollywood up and coming actress was seen partying with fellow actress, Amanda Van Annan at the lavish party held in an exclusive location in Malibu.

Soniya , who is currently in Los Angeles, (meeting with top agents and managers) She was spotted mingling with a few well-known A-listers and high profile people.

Ms. Singh said she has been enjoying Los Angeles, and the welcome in LA has been very positive.

What's next on her agenda? Ms. Singh is rumored to be starring in a Bollywood movie that starts production later this year in India. The actress says she is excited about the way Hollywood has welcomed her with open arms and hopes to make LA her temporary home in the near future.

Keep yourself glued to your screens! We cannot wait to see this new fresh young talented actress on the big screen.

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