Pooja Umashankar
Actress Pooja Umashankar.Pooja Umashankar Facebook Page

Pooja Umashankar has given a fitting replay to a follower, who made vulgar comments over her picture on Facebook. The multilingual actress responded to his comment in strong words, demanding that he respect women.

The actress had posted a picture with her fans and some miscreant described the picture in cheap words, which hurt the actress. Responding to the comment, she wrote, "God help your soul Malli, Thambi... .. Just make sure you do not grow up to be one of those rapists/ molesters or sexual abusers that we so often read in the newspapers or what we hear and see on television. 

Pooja Umashankar added, "Stop the wrong that you are doing right now while there is still time to get back to being a human being. I am a 1000% sure you came out of a woman and she is your mother. I do hope you have a sister that u cherish and friends who are girls that adore and look up to you. U will be married someday soon for sure or maybe you are already married.

"Please do give your wife reason to respect you. And the day you are blessed with a baby girl I do hope you will protect her from all the terrible wolves and lurking sadists that are out there in the world. Take care and God bless u darling.. You are created to be awesome and beautiful. Go ahead and be just that. Don't settle for a thing less ok." She concluded.

Celebrities often get abused on social media sites and many choose to remain silent. But the actress took courage to respond to the abuser to teach him a lesson and this has been appreciated by her fans.