Monalisa Bagal
PR Handout

After winning hearts with her performance in Marathi films, actress Monalisa Bagal started her own film distribution company.

It has just been 3 years since she made her stunning debut in the acting world. However, she is all set to take a plunge in her career. Her film distribution company is called 'Box Hit Movies'.

In a statement, the actress said, "I've released 4-5 films under my film distribution company. I got into film distribution to learn what the audience expects from actors and what kind of cinema they love to watch. My distribution company has different centres like A, B, C. So I see if cinema reaches to these different centres and what kind of cinema they love to watch. After this, I will be doing an exhibition. But it will take some time."

She added, "I think, along with shooting the film, it's necessary to see if it is reaching right places, in how many theatres it was released. I wanted to study all these factors. With the help of my film distribution company, I am understanding all this. It helps to understand different kind of cinemas, where we are lacking behind and how much we need to focus and put efforts on it."

Monalisa Bagal has worked in Marathi films like Zhalla Bobhata, Dry Day, Sobat and Perfume.