Kaniha with her friends on a vacation to ThailandFacebook/ Kaniha

South Indian actress Kaniha is the latest in the list of actors who faced brunt of moral policing online. The actress who was recently on a trip to Thailand with her school friends had posted a picture of her in shorts and this ignited the "moral thoughts" of many who are online.

The actress was flooded with abusive comments and messages for posing in the picture wearing shorts. The actress, who lost her temper with these messages, lashed out against the "narrow minded" people.

"Don't even one percent shy to expose.. your shame on you," came a comment from one of the female fans.

The actress looked quite surprised by her fans' response and said that she could stop herself from writing the note

"I will wear shorts as long as I am comfortable wearing them in appropriate places whether I am 20, 30 ,40 or even 50," wrote the actress.

The actress added that she was sorry for the woman who expected her to be in a saree on a vacation to the beach town of Phi Phi.

To those who reminded her about her motherhood, the actress said that she is proud to be a mother of a four-year-old, who will not grow up to be a "shallow narrow minded" man.

"I am a free individual with enough moral values who knows to dress up appropriately for given ocassions..my family and dear ones respect me for who I am....many of you FB friends admire me for the kind of person I am....the rest of you who judge me please keep judging...I will continue to hope & pray that y'all will gain wisdom some day and invest the time you spend on judging women to impart good values to your children," concluded the actress.