Kajal Aggarwal
The topless picture of Bollywood actress Kajal Aggarwal that provokes media attention.http://www.indiaglitz.com/chan

The topless picture of Bollywood actress Kajal Aggarwal, which appeared on the cover of a men's magazine a few days ago, has stirred up a controversy.

The latest edition of the FMH India, which carried an interview with her, has the topless picture of the actress on its cover page.

However, the popular Telugu actress, who made her Bollywood debut opposite Ajay Devgan in Rohit Shetty's action movie 'Singham,' claimed that she had never posed topless for the cover photo.

She alleged that the magazine had morphed her picture. 'I shot for the magazine, but not this way. They have photo-shopped the picture and changed it," she said.

"I was wearing a black tube top while shooting. In fact, I still have the pictures that I shot in the tube top, which they sent for my approval. Moreover, I did not give them an interview," Galatta Cinema Magazine quoted the actress as saying.

Meanwhile, an FMH India official claimed that the actress's topless picture in the magazine was real.

"People, people calm down. FHM has never in the past or will in the future morph pictures of any celebrities. We shot with madam Aggarwal on the 18th of August in Mumbai... we'd be happy to release the full untouched raw pictures on the Internet soon to back it up also," said FHM India editor Kabeer Sharma in a statement.

"Furthermore, we also have a model release form signed by Kajal herself. To say that the picture is morphed is an insult to both the brand FHM as well as the collective intelligence of you (her fans). We don't know what exactly made Kajal change her mind after the shoot... but if she did, the magazine really cannot be blamed," he added.