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South Indian actress Bhavana had always rubbished rumours about her marriage.

Recently, the actress was flooded with messages and calls after the latest rumour regarding her marriage came out. Later, Bhavana came out with a statement on her official Facebook profile about the reports of her marriage.

The actress revealed that the rumoured marriage is not hers, but her brother's. She cleared the air around and confirmed that her elder brother is getting married in January 2015.

"Dear media friends," wrote Bhavana on her Facebook page. "I hear alot about my wedding offlate. Lemme clear it off that its my elder brother who is getting married in January, 2015... Some of my media friends and wellwishers seem to be confused with this. Tired of answering individually to all those phone calls im getting regarding this:)My marriage can wait, lol.. I will definitely make an official announcement before I tie knot.. After all who else would I be keen on informing than my dear friends here. Thankyou!"

Bhavana earlier said that she, who is in a relationship for quite some time is not ready for a marriage due to her busy schedule. But the actress did not reveal much about her relationship or who she is dating.

Bhavana was linked up with many celebrities. The last one was about her dating rumours with Kannada producer Naveen. They became close during the shooting of the Kannada film, "Romeo", which starred 'Golden Star' Ganesh in the lead. The film was produced by Naveen. But later they both denied the rumours.

"I am certainly not dating Bhavana, We did become friends during the making of Romeo and she even used to discuss other projects with me. However, we weren't able to stay in constant touch since she was also not doing enough films in Kannada. I really don't know how this allegation sprung up all of a sudden, considering I haven't met her in a long time!" Naveen told Times of India.

The actress was also rumoured to be in a relationship with Malayalam actor Anoop Menon. They have acted together in "Trivandrum Lodge" and "Angry Babies in Love". However, both of them have stuck to the status of 'just friends' to media till date.