With the advancement in technology, people share many photos and videos on social media platforms without checking their authenticity, and it is celebrities who often become victims of such posts. 

Recently, Malayalam actress Bhamaa, Muktha and singer Ranjini Jose were criticised by people after their photo with a middle-aged man started doing the rounds on social media.

The photo invited many negative comments about the celebs and many questioned their "morality" for being so close to him. 

Now, Bhamaa has come forward slamming the comments. She has posted the photo on her Facebook page and says that the man seen in it is Jose uncle and Ranjini's father. She also said that the picture was taken while they were in the US for a stage show in 2012. Bhamaa has also shared two other photos of Ranjini with her father to make people realise the facts.

"These photos will tell you the real story.. In the first photo- from left Renjini Jose(singer)nd her Father Jose uncle, me and Muktha.. Location USA for a stage show in 2012. Second pic Renjini and her father(Jose uncle) Hope you all understand what really happened,"Bhamaa posted on her official Facebook page on Tuesday, 24 November.

She has also asked people to exercise due care before sharing something on Whatsapp. "Please Rethink before you click the forward button in your watsap.. Thank you for your Trust and Love," she added.

Meanwhile, Bhamaa, who began her acting career in AK Lohitadas's 2007 film "Nivedyam", is awaiting the release of her upcoming film "Maalgudi Days" opposite Anoop Menon.