Being under lockdown and practising social distances has been stressed by the government and society alike in light of the Coronavirus pandemic that has gripped the world. With so much going on, to hold a party would be blatantly irresponsible.

Now, actress Anita Raaj has been caught by the police for hosting a party at her Pali Hill residence. The police arrived at the residence after a neighbour had complained about a steady stream of visitors to Raaj's residence. After the cops left, Raaj and her husband had a face-off with a security guard to know who had complained against them. 

Anita Raaj

Cops arrive at Anita Raaj's residence after being informed about a house party

The lockdown is hard on everybody, and a party might be good for all. However, this isn't the time for that and the strict lockdown imposed on the country means no parties till May 3rd for now. Why would anybody hold a party then? 

Anita Raaj recently found herself in a tough spot when cops arrived at her Pali Hill residence based on a complaint one of her neighbours had filed according to a report by Mid-Day. Her society had barred visitors, but there seemed to be multiple visitors at her residence. Keeping in mind the context and the health risk this posed to the community, the cops were called. 

When the cops left, however, the Bollywood actress and her husband were unhappy about the complaint. They had a bitter exchange with the security guard which was incidentally caught on camera. They asked if the guard was the one who informed neighbours about the visitors.

Raaj addressed the issue with her own version of the tale, "Since my husband is a doctor, one of his friends had come home for a medical emergency. His wife came with him for assistance. My husband couldn't refuse him on humanitarian grounds. After checking the situation, the cops apologised for the false complaint that was lodged with them and left immediately."

She added that she wouldn't act irrationally when she was aware of what is going in the world. With the number of COVID-19 cases crossing 21,000 showing caution is the only way forward.