Rakesh Chaturvedi
Rakesh Chaturvedi in KesariTwitter

Actor Rakesh Chaturvedi, who had shared screen space with Akshay Kumar in last year's film PadMan, had reunited with the action hero in Kesari and is getting all praised for his role of one of the Afghan chief.

On success of Kesari, he shares, "This time it feels like this Holi should never end. I was having a great hunger for this kind of work and apreciation hehe!!....Now my phone rings all the time either its a message or a phone call everywhere its apreciation and prasing!!....After recieving every phone call i feel so good to talking to everyone....Its so mesmerising to listen their reactions!!....Even now if credit card vendors also calls me it feels like it must be some of my well wisher hahahah!!!!....I was feeling that i have done an important cahracter in a very big and well known movie but I was not aware that people will hate my character so much so that it would be there in every review and newspaper....I have never thought of it but have dreamt about it....Now I have literally understood the meaning of this line that "Dream comes true"....

"I had already worked with Akshay Kumar Sir so, there was a comfort zone between us," Rakesh had earlier said in a statement.

Rakesh Chaturvedi, Akshay Kumar
Rakesh Chaturvedi, Akshay Kumar in PadManTwitter

"Akshay Sir was so truthful and in the skin of his character that I always felt that I was really having a conversation with Ishar Singh instead of Akshay Sir. This made me react to him appropriately. Also, because of my theatre background, (director) Anurag Singh Sir gave me an opportunity to conduct an intense acting workshop for a month with the cast," he added.

Rakesh often does theatre with veteran actor Naseeruddin Shah as well.

Apart from acting, he has also written and directed Hindi feature films "Bolo Raam" and "BHK Bhalla@Halla.Kom".