Visnhu Manchu
Visnhu ManchuPR handout

Telugu Superstar Vishnu Manchu has announced that "Dr Mohan Babu Rural Health Scheme", which aims to reduce child mortality and widespread diseases, and provide for better maternal health conditions in rural regions, will be launched in Tirupati.

Teams of students called the "Army Green" from the Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Trust, of which Manchu is the CEO, have already begun the scheme in five villages of the region and will soon cover all the villages in the Chandragiri Mandal. The scheme, which is hopeful of routinely adopting villages annually, hopes to bring at least 100 villages under its wing by 2015.

"Our vision is good health and healthy life for all" Manchu said. "We want them to lead a healthy life so that they can focus on their livelihood."

The adopted villages will be privy to better health services with provisions for free medical benefits covering four to five lakh for each individual. The services will also maintain a distinctive record of the diagnoses and treatment history of all patients, which is otherwise lacking in rural hospitals.

Manchu had initially created Army Green to promote environmental awareness and develop model villages with clean water, sanitation facilities, electricity and education. Under his leadership, Army Green has donated dust bins and developed waste disposal systems called "Wealth out of Waste" that generates electricity. In rural schools, Army Green continues to educate students, parents and teachers on the importance of sanitation, personal hygiene and encourages them to adopt an environment-friendly approach.

Besides this, they've also provided nutritional and medical help to expectant mothers and babies. Under the inspirational leadership of Manchu, they also help the Sree Vidyanikethan Educational Institutions offer free and subsidised education to several students from these villages.

This rural health scheme in his father Dr Mohan Babu's name has been Manchu's pet project and the development of the software that would hold the data of the villagers has been underway for quite some time. Dr. Mohan Babu is also a known humanitarian who has been involved in humanitarian and charitable work across many villages in the area of health, sanitation, water and basic infrastructure development.